Why aren’t more customers finding your business? Why aren’t you showing up in Google search?
These are valid questions and the answer is that there are a hundred things that you need to be doing well in order to rank well. We help clients make sense of these SEO priorities.

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Some Examples from our Portfolio : SEO

Improving A Photographer’s SEO

We designed a new home page that includes great timely, searchable content. By doing this, we improved SEO without having to redesign the entire WordPress theme.

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search engine optimization for wordpress site documentfreezedrying

SEO Improvements

We build WordPress websites, but we also maintain and improve existing sites for our clients. When reached out to ellell & co., they showed us a website that had been launched almost a year prior, but had little traffic and very low SEO rankings. Nobody could find the website, and the stats showed it.

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ecommerce website redesign

eCommerce + WordPress had a website with a simple PayPal “buy now” button.¬†For a startup business this may be sufficient to get things off the ground, but it isn’t a good solution for the long term. So many potential buyers were turned away by the PayPal process, or confused to the point of emailing the Clawguard team to ask about how they could buy elsewhere.

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