Need to add a few products to your WordPress site? You don’t need always need a separate shop website. We integrate WooCommerce into existing WordPress themes, and in some cases we will seamlessly connect WordPress and Shopify so that you can have the best of both.

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Some Examples from our Portfolio : eCommerce

Website Redesign & Strategy

Sometimes your website works against you. You’re a tech-savvy, helpful and responsive business but your website is the opposite. It deters potential customers and that’s a huge loss.

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resturant website

WordPress Theme Edits

Baker’s was one of our first collaborative projects! Laura designed it and Leeann assisted with development. The Baker’s chain’s stylish branding helped shape the design of the site. The final, custom WordPress site is mobile-friendly and includes e-commerce functionality. It also features complex, information-rich pages for each Baker’s location.

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unbowlievable shopify site design

Small Shop with Shopify

We love it when clients come through recommendations, and even more when that second client recommends our services to another. That is exactly what happened with Unbowlievable, a small business run by entrepreneur, mom and bow-enthusiast Kristin.

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ecommerce website redesign

eCommerce + WordPress had a website with a simple PayPal “buy now” button. For a startup business this may be sufficient to get things off the ground, but it isn’t a good solution for the long term. So many potential buyers were turned away by the PayPal process, or confused to the point of emailing the Clawguard team to ask about how they could buy elsewhere.

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Tea Shop Shopify Site

Socra Tea approached us with an interesting conundrum: their website was old, out-of-date, and not very functional – but, despite that, customers around the country were finding it and calling them to order tea by mail, based solely on an outdated image of their menu. The shop owner knew she wanted to pursue an e-commerce solution that would allow her to list the shop’s whole inventory (over 70 types of organic tea, plus artwork and other merchandise), and give buyers a seamless, elegant ordering experience.

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