Web Professionals We Recommend

Website projects benefit greatly when they include professional writers, branding designers, or a specialized web developer with the right experience. It truly takes a village to create a great website or app. Hire the right people and you’re off to a great start.

We have professional contacts right here in Michigan and across the World. Many of them are solopreneurs, freelancers who are uniquely qualified for your project. Others are larger agencies or part of a community of collaborative professionals. Talk with them and find out how they each work best.

You asked who we recommend to hire for your next WordPress or Web-based project. Well, here’s the list.

Writers & Content Pros

Rina Caldwell
Erin Rose
Get Slanted Communications
The Communications Distillery
Lori Jo Vest
Erudite Imp

Branding & Graphic Design

Unsold Studio
Serene Arena
Curious & Company
Ivonne Karamoy
Sara Shaaban


Catherine A. Moore Illustration
Nanu Illustration

WordPress Web Designer / Developer

Lauren Davies
Noor Alhoussari
Melissa Jean Clark*
Amit Rathi*

*Development Only

WordPress Website Maintenance and Support

Ryan Townley

Wix Websites

Natasha Lee-Maxwell

App Developers

Detroit Labs

SEO Consultants

Sara Dunn
Rebecca Gill

UX Consultants

UX Simplified
Humans Need Love

Tech Training & Workshops

Girl Develop It
ellell & co.
Grand Circus (Detroit, Grand Rapids)
Camp Tech (Toronto, Ottawa)

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