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Sometimes your website works against you. You’re a tech-savvy, helpful and responsive business but your website is the opposite. It deters potential customers and that’s a huge loss.

Validation Center not only had an outdated website running on a Drupal platform that was hard for employees to maintain, but the website was hard for the public to navigate. The user interface was a marketing nightmare. Potential customers couldn’t find what they wanted if they tried.

We knew a redesign was in order. But with the complexity of products and services offered by this business, we also needed to craft a clearer strategy. Better content would help us reach several different customer types and explain exactly what this business could offer them.

What exactly does this business do?

In the case of, there are many answers to the question above.

A digital library, a bootcamp training provider, a webinar host, a trusted consulting firm.

A website’s biggest challenge = helping the user understand these offerings at a glance.

We used simple icons to showcase the four types of services front and center on the homepage, above the fold. This let you know at a glance the four key offerings: Consulting, Audits, Training and Library.


Better Design + Better Content

With a refreshed design and content strategy in place, we solved the big issues and dramatically increased clarity. Visitors turned into customers. This client has retained our services for ongoing website improvements over the years because they understand the value of a great relationship with a web development team.


Old Website:


New Website Homepage:


New Training Page:

website layout w/ custom wordpress theme

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Laura Eagin • August 17, 2016

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