Improving A Photographer’s SEO

Photographer Abbe McCracken approached us about reviewing her website’s SEO and making some small but impactful improvements to her WordPress theme.  She had been in business for several years, but her site was not coming up in Google searches for many local key phrases. This is a frustrating problem for a business owner who is pouring a lot of time into doing things right: doing great work, publishing blog posts, being active on social media sites, and generally participating in their business community. So, why wasn’t it working?

We studied he website and traffic and identified the top issues we could tackle without redesigning the entire WordPress theme. This kept the budget in check, and gave Abbe the most bang for her buck. Then we presented Abbe with a comprehensive SEO report and identified four major areas for improvement:

  • Homepage content was lacking
  • Web buzz could be stronger
  • Headlines were missing
  • Keywords needed focus

All of these things were negatively impacting her website. Some of these were simple fixes that we encouraged Abbe to do herself. (Yes, we love saving our clients money!) Some of the tasks required the help of a developer: the homepage and headlines. We tackled those next.

Homepage Text vs. Images

A photographer often wants a photo-heavy homepage, something with a big visual impact, but this approach can actually hurt website traffic. In Abbe’s case, her homepage looked good to the human eye, but there was no searchable text on the page, nor keywords for search engines to bookmark, and that rendered the content inaccessible.

photographer wordpress site before SEO

Before our redesign, the homepage was pretty, but it was not very functional. Text was buried in graphics and inaccessible to search engines. Titles were hard to read and the social media buttons didn’t appear particularly clickable. It felt more like a poster, rather than the welcoming interactive storefront of an active business.

Redesigning the Homepage

We designed a new home page that includes great timely, searchable content, while keeping her photography portfolio at the forefront. Now the site visitor gets a real idea of the business and the woman behind it. This rich content gives users and search engines alike all of the information they need to form a great first impression.

charlotte photographer abbe mccracken website seo charlotte photographer abbe mccracken website seo improving wordpres seo for photographer

Notice the content in the new homepage:

  • Keyword-laden categories links
  • A two sentence biography
  • Latest blog posts with title + excerpt
  • Featured testimonial
  • Important Links throughout: About, Kudos, Instagram and individual blog posts.

Improved Site Traffic

Our work is paying off. Abbe’s search engine rankings have improved dramatically since our SEO advice has been applied. Her organic search traffic has doubled:

“I just wanted to let you both know that my rankings are looking up!!  I’m on page 1 for the majority of the Matthews-based key phrases and I’m hovering around pages 3 and 4 for most of the Charlotte-based key phrases.  WAHOO!”

She’s gained followers through her own efforts too. Abbe has written great targeted blog posts and reached out to local influencers. She has recently been named Best Charlotte Family Photographer by SmartyPants and was voted Most Loved family photographer by Hula Frog South Charlotte. Congratulations Abbe!

Laura Eagin • January 2, 2016

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