eCommerce + WordPress had a website with a simple PayPal “buy now” button. For a startup business this may be sufficient to get things off the ground, but it isn’t a good solution for the long term. So many potential buyers were turned away by the PayPal process, or confused to the point of emailing the Clawguard team to ask about how they could buy elsewhere.

We improved this website in three ways

  • Totally new checkout process & buying options
  • Small budget redesign
  • Improved content & SEO

Adding Checkout to WordPress

WordPress sites make great eCommerce websites for small businesses with a handful of products. We often recommend WooCommerce, a full-featured eCommerce extension of WordPress that allows you to accept purchases, manage inventory, coupons, sales and shipping in one place.

For the first time, had a product details page, a checkout page and the ability to accept credit card payments and Amazon payments, as well as Paypal payments.

Redesigning for Better User Experience

When designing an eCommerce website, we keep the buyer in mind with every design decision. Will they find all of the information they need to buy? Is the call to action strong enough and prominently placed on the page? Does this site convey a trustworthy tone?

When a full website redesign isn’t in the budget, we can execute a small “facelift” to the site. That is what we did for Clawguard. The end result is a warmer, friendlier, clearer website with the important information prominently placed. We did this quickly and efficiently by keeping most of the site the same, while improving the most important pieces.

ecommerce website redesign

Improving Site Content

We improved the content of each page of the Clawguard website and as a result we created a more relevant, search-engine friendly site. Not only does this make the site users appreciate a more helpful gallery page, but it meant that search engines like Google and Bing understood more about the product and could direct more traffic to the site.

Which page do you find more helpful, the one on the left (before) or the one on the right?

ecommerce website redesign

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Laura Eagin • November 30, 2014

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