Website Redesign & Strategy

Sometimes your website works against you. You’re a tech-savvy, helpful and responsive business but your website is the opposite. It deters potential customers and that’s a huge loss.

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Quick Fixes for Nonprofit Website

Don’t let bad developers happen to good nonprofits. We rescued a WordPress website when a Chicago nonprofit was stuck with a disaster of a web project – and they had nowhere to go but up. We worked efficiently to get the new site launched in two weeks, while improving the mobile, tablet and desktop views so that usability was better for all users.

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Improving A Photographer’s SEO

We designed a new home page that includes great timely, searchable content. By doing this, we improved SEO without having to redesign the entire WordPress theme.

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consulting firm website design using wordpress

Custom WordPress Site

Having the opportunity to build a new website is great, but having the opportunity to re-design a website can be even sweeter. We begin with what already exists: evaluate the good and bad of the existing site. What impression does it give to the site visitors? What confuses them the most, and what works best? We look at the traffic patterns and where visitors leave the site, and which pages attract the most attention. And we talk extensively with the people involved in maintaining the website: how can we build a better site for you?

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resturant website

WordPress Theme Edits

Baker’s was one of our first collaborative projects! Laura designed it and Leeann assisted with development. The Baker’s chain’s stylish branding helped shape the design of the site. The final, custom WordPress site is mobile-friendly and includes e-commerce functionality. It also features complex, information-rich pages for each Baker’s location.

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litmust theater company website design using wordpress

Theatre Company WordPress Site

The lovely folks from Litmus had an old, hand-coded website that was very cumbersome for them to update. They knew they were ready to move to a content management system, and that they wanted to keep their distinctive, beautiful branding.

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search engine optimization for wordpress site documentfreezedrying

SEO Improvements

We build WordPress websites, but we also maintain and improve existing sites for our clients. When reached out to ellell & co., they showed us a website that had been launched almost a year prior, but had little traffic and very low SEO rankings. Nobody could find the website, and the stats showed it.

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manufacturing company website development using wordpress

PSD to WordPress for Agency

A local design agency created the layout for this beautiful custom website, now they needed trustworthy developers to achieve their vision. They reached out to us and we stepped in to develop a pixel-perfect WordPress theme based on the client’s approved PSD file.

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ecommerce website redesign

eCommerce + WordPress had a website with a simple PayPal “buy now” button. For a startup business this may be sufficient to get things off the ground, but it isn’t a good solution for the long term. So many potential buyers were turned away by the PayPal process, or confused to the point of emailing the Clawguard team to ask about how they could buy elsewhere.

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Law Firm Custom Website

This law firm website may qualify as one of the more feature-rich sites we have ever worked on. The design was created by the folks at Ideation in Royal Oak, MI, and their vision for the site is simply stunning.

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real estate website development with wordpress

Real Estate Mgmt WordPress Site

The folks at Manna Development Corporation came to us looking for one website that could appeal to a few different audiences. As real estate developers, they needed to appeal to potential homebuyers, but as a non-profit they also needed to connect with donors and like-minded non-profit organizations with whom they could partner.

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