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Having the opportunity to build a new website is great, but having the opportunity to re-design a website can be even sweeter. We begin with what already exists: evaluate the good and bad of the existing site. What impression does it give to the site visitors? What confuses them the most, and what works best? We look at the traffic patterns and where visitors leave the site, and which pages attract the most attention. And we talk extensively with the people involved in maintaining the website: how can we build a better site for you?

With the right research, we redesign a website that not only shines brighter than the last, but that works better for all. A website redesign is not just about the look, but also about the utility.

For Praxis Life Sciences, a management consulting firm based in Chicago, we were tasked with redesigning a website that had originally been built with Drupal, a CMS. In this instance the platform had not proved to be as easy to maintain as the team had hoped, and the site had become very outdated. They needed a more user-friendly CMS, and WordPress site was an easy choice. This time we would build a custom WordPress theme, and we would make it responsive and accessible.

One highlight of this project is that we trained the client on how to use WordPress and easily edit any of the content on the website. We educated & encouraged them to take the reins as early as possible, so that by the time the site launched they were very familiar with it.

praxis before redesigned website

The Final Result:

Praxis Life Sciences (20141229)


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Laura Eagin • January 6, 2015

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